Biggest SEO Myths Debunked by Matt Cutts

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There are several SEO myths that are a talked about topic among the seo industry. Some of the biggest seo industry myths are highlighted in this exciting webmasters video with Google web spam team head, Matt Cutts.

Myth 1: Buying Ads Can Increase Your Organic Rankings or The Opposite is True?

Explanation: Both are false. Buying ads or not buying them do not play any role in increasing the organic rankings of any website. Google always wants to present the best search results to the users so that they keep coming back. All the changes that Google makes towards its algorithm or the SERP presentation is related to this mental model only.

Myth 2: Building Backlinks (by way of articles, guest blogging, link wheels etc.) Simply By Believing a Group of People is a Bad Idea

Explanation: Building backlinks by way of article syndication, guest blogging or link wheels is not a good idea for the longer run. Many people use automated link building softwares which are not that efficient and must not be considered as a white hat seo method. Many people say they made a lot of money using these methods but the fact is if somebody makes money using any particular method then they won’t share the idea with everyone.


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