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How to Install Accordion Menu in Blog , Accordion Menu – How to Install , Create or Cast a Spell on Blogspot Accordion Menu This is a re – post from my old post titled how to create accordion menu blogger who did not go into his heart om gugel . Because it is expected to easily – hopefully with Re – post ( reposted ) this , my article that I have the delete can be indexed again though with a different URL .Accordion Menu is a menu tree that is in the vertical stacking , certainly different from the horizontal menu ( read : how to speed up the loading blog ) commonly mate encounter , perhaps this is one solution that is too much to hide widget on your blog page . Buddy pairs were interested in the accordion menu blogger , please follow the following tutorial . 
1 . Logy to your blog account . 
2 . Click the design – > Edit HTML 
3 . Then place the following code above the code ] ] > < / b : skin>#acc{background:#666;font:13px trebuchet ms;
#acc h3{background:-moz-linear-gradient(top,#ccc,#999);padding:5px 10px;margin:0;color:#222;
text-shadow:0px 1px 1px #fff;
border-bottom:2px solid #444;}
#acc h3 a{color:#555}
#acc h3 a:hover{color:#000}
#acc .post{background:#fff;color:#000;padding:10px;margin:10px 0px;display:none;
border-bottom:2px solid #222;}
#acc :target h3 + .post {display:block;height:150px;overflow:auto;}
#acc :target h3 a{color:#aa5500}
4 . Click save template and we will be heading to the addition of gadgets . 
5 . Click Design – > page elements – > Add a gadget – > Select HTML / Javascript6 . Enter the following code into the box provided .

<div id=”acc”> 
<div id=”content1″>
<h3> <a href=”#content1″> Title 1 < / a> </h3>
<div class=”post”>Enter your items here , can be text or widgets</div>
<div id=”isi2″> 
<h3> <a href=”#isi2″> Title 2 </a> </h3>
<div class=”post”>Enter your items here , can be text or widgets</div></div>
<div id=”isi3″> 
<h3> <a href=”#isi3″> Title 3 < / a> < / h3 > 
<div class=”post”>Enter your items here , can be text or widgets</div > 
</div >
</div > 
7 . Click save and see the results … How do I create a menu bar on the blog , how to create a blog with a simple menu , how to create a tab menu on the blog , how to create a sub menu in a blog , how to make horizontal menu blog , how to create navigation menu blog , how to create menus in wordpress blog , how to create , horizontal menu on blogspot ? ? Simple and easy is not it? ?

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