Make Facebook Friends a Part of Your Search with Bing Social Sidebar

Microsoft has finally made the best update for Bing by integrating social updates from Facebook with Bing search results which would be displayed on social sidebar. Now, when a user will enter a query on Bing, he/she would be able to see social results with respect to the search query coming straight from friends on Facebook. Isn’t it great?

To Start Seeing Social Search on Bing, Follow the Steps Given Below:-

1- Go to Bing
2- Click on “Connect to Facebook”, present on the upper right corner of the screen.
3- Sign in to your Facebook profile.
4- Start your social search experience.

With an update done on January 17th 2013, the social data displayed would be five times more.

Bing Social Results
Bing Social Results

What’s Included in the Social Sidebar?

Bing will include data from Facebook which includes:-

Status Updates
Shared Links
Comments etc.

Bing Social Sidebar
Bing Social SideBar

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