Setting Header Tag Special Robot

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Header Tag Special Robot connect with indeksi special about the page that you offer to the google engine crawlers . That is how you set up your command to the engine crawlers to indeksi a page . It is important to speed up and eliminate ketidakperluan indeksi crawl that allows rejection of crawlers index itself against your blog page .So , Header Tag Special Robots provide information to Google to crawl a page on our blog , as well as for how to enable the setting up of Header Tags Special Robot please follow the tutorial below :
1 . Login to your blogger account
2 . Go to the Settings > Preferences Search ( if you use a dashboard Indonesian )
3 . Then on crawlers and indexing please activate specific robots tag header ,
4 . After that , setting the Header Tag Special Robots , which includes three components namely :
blog homepage,    Archive Page and Search Results Page,    Page Posts and Pages BlogThe settings I use are: Header Tag Special Robots

Home : All and noodp
  Archives and Search Pages : NoIndex and noodp
Default To Post And Page : All and noodp

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