Template wordpress iFeature

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Template wordpress iFeature

Template wordpress iFeature is fully-responsive, translation-ready, universal
professional theme. Catering to e-commerce sites, blogging, personal
profiles and more. iFeature’s touch-friendly drag-and-drop elements
allow you to set up a professional website in minutes. When it comes to
responsive elements and drag-and-drop options, CyberChimps not only
pioneered, but continues to innovate these elements for the greater
WordPress community. iFeature 5.5 lets you create responsive websites
that you can control on any touch-friendly device, including: iPad,
iPhone and Android devices. With options on a per-page basis, this theme
allows you to control the look and feel of every page. Please use the
official support forum (http://cyberchimps.com/forum/). CyberChimps –
Themes You Can Trust
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